EU-IoT Final Event

The final event of EU-IoT, took place on March 30. The event was based on the achievements of EU-IoT community and the upcoming activities. EU-IoT has been a vital accelerator for the European IoT ecosystem, supporting the development of synergies, fostering strategic coordination among Next Generation Internet of Things (NGIoT) projects and related initiatives, and promoting the adoption of IoT solutions. As the project comes to a close in March 2023, this event provides an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and lessons learned and explore the future of IoT in Europe.
More information about the agenda, available here:

EU-IoT Final Event: From IoT to Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum – Takeaways and Transition to the New Paradigm

3rd International Workshop on Advances on Privacy Preserving Technologies and Solutions co-organised by aerOS project!

This workshop aims to strengthen security and privacy through research and relevant activities in the models and design of secure, privacy-preserving and trust architectures, investments in cyber-defense, data analyses, fusion platforms, protocols, algorithms, services, and applications for next generation systems and solutions. We especially encourage security and privacy solutions that employ innovative machine learning techniques to tackle the issues of inspecting large data volumes, cyberattacks, and variety problems that are systemic in IoT platforms, theoretical and practical challenges related to the design of privacy-preserving AI systems and algorithms and will have strong multidisciplinary components, including soliciting contributions about policy, legal issues, and societal impact of privacy and affect the cyber risk of the participating entities.
Call for Papers is up to May 31, 2023. The event will take place on August 29 – September 01, 2023 in Benevento.
You may find more information online here:

aerOS Project will be present through a booth at DEFEA 2023 on May in Athens.

Metropolitan Expo is Greece’s most contemporary venue and one of the largest and most functional centres for congresses, events, exhibitions and conferences in SE Europe which has achieved Covid Shield Certification by TUV Austria. With this achievement Metropolitan Expo Centre is being safeguarded and showcased as the largest, the most advanced and the safest exhibition centre in Greece fully in compliance with the European standards and practices. Paramount consideration of Metropolitan Expo Centre administration continues to be the safety and well-being of every exhibitor, visitor and personnel alike, fortifying its functioning with the achievement of the aforementioned certification.

Metropolitan Expo exhibition centre is located at Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” just 2km from the main terminal building and the Metro Subway station.

EUCloudEgdeIoT official launch

The official launch of the EUCloudEgdeIoT took place on 8th of February, and aerOS project was present! In this introductory meeting participants had the chance to meet the coordination team and the new Task Forces!

loud and edge computing are essential technologies in a computing continuum to ensure data is managed more efficiently – closer to the originating source rather than transmitting raw data to data centres. As recent studies suggest, data processing is moving closer to the edge.

Thus, advancing the IoT can reduce communication and storage costs, energy consumption and produce benefits for citizens and businesses thanks to the integration of AI and Machine Learning.

These trends call for a shift towards the technical and business convergence of the so-far formally separated Cloud, Edge and IoT domains.

In this context, the European Cloud Edge IoT Continuum aims to realise a pathway for the understanding and development of the CEI Continuum by promoting cooperation between a wide range of research projects, developers and suppliers, business users and potential adopters of this new technological paradigm.

More precisely, the European Cloud, Edge & IoT Continuum will be supported by the effort of two Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs), namely Open Continuum and UNLOCKCEI, which will cooperate to reach the stated common goal, focussing respectively on the supply and demand sides of the CEI Continuum. These will also benefit from the synergies and legacy of other existing EU projects in the domains of Cloud, Edge, IoT, AI, and connectivity.

EuCloudEdgeIoT workshop

Ignacio Lacalle from Universitat Politècnica de València UPV and Vasilis Pitsilis from NCSR “DEMOKRITOS” attended EuCloudEdgeIoT workshop in Toulouse on January 2023! It was the first workshop on the topic: “Future European platforms for the Edge”–>”Define an Open Source stack”. You may learn more about EuCloudEdgeIoT here:

aerOS project at Horizon Europe Info Day

The European Commission invites stakeholders from industry, academia and innovators to participate in the Horizon Europe Info Day on 30 January 2023. This event is an Information Session on the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 on “World leading data and computing technologies”.

The open and FREE half-day virtual event will introduce three calls under Destination 3:

  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-DATA-01-07: Collaboration with NSF on fundamental research on new concepts for distributed computing and swarm intelligence (CSA)
  • HORIZON -CL4-2023-DATA-01-04: Cognitive Computing Continuum: Intelligence and automation for more efficient data processing (RIA)
  • HORIZON -CL4-2023-DATA-01-06: Coordination and Support of Cognitive Computing Continuum research and policy (CSA)

You may find more information here: 

aerOS will be presented during the “MetaOS and Swarm projects” slot at 15:00 CET.

aerOS Workshop on State of the Art and Market Analysis

The aerOS Workshop on State of the Art and Market Analysis took place virtually on November 29th. The main scope of the workshop is the presentation of “State of the Art and Market Analysis” survey, results. The workshop was divided in two parts:

  1. Report on the results of the activities planned in T2.1
  2. Q&A and open discussion

The results of this questionnaire will be presented extensively into Deliverable 2.1, Chapter .