“Capitalizing on Cloud-Edge-IoT: Building your next product, finding your next market opportunity” EuCLOUDEDGEIoT webinar

Explore the opportunities for SMEs and start-ups to contribute to advanced use cases in Cloud-Edge across automotive, energy, mobility, manufacturing and access the leading tech for your product development in this webinar dedicated to open calls and funding opportunities. Learn which opportunities exist between 75.000 and 350.000 € to position yourselves at the forefront of tech, meet the challenge owners and source new partners to complement your teams and find out how to achieve scale from your initial participation. Organised by EU Cloud Edge IoT and Next Generation Internet, it is the point to start building the relationship to join this community. Find out more here: https://eucloudedgeiot.eu/event/webinar-capitalising-cei-open-calls/

“Cloud-Edge-IoT Innovations in Manufacturing: Unveiling Market Insights and Use Cases” Webinar

The event was free and open to anyone interested in the cloud, edge, and IoT domains as well as related topics, including but not limited to Artificial Intelligence, Interoperability, ICT security and connectivity. Moreover, the event was particularly dedicated to manufacturing professionals, executives, and researchers interested in manufacturing and technology. More generally, the following profiles are especially invited to participate:

Business users: including companies and other industrial players interested in using CEI

Infrastructure and Tech Providers: including hardware, chips and device providers, system integrators and maintainers, edge and multi-cloud platforms, connectivity and open-source projects

Service and Application Providers: embedded intelligence and applications, computing, storage, analytics, network slices, orchestrators, security

Data Management: Intermediators, Connectors, Federators, Pipelines, Resellers, Brokers

Facilitators: including SDOs, public bodies, PPPs, industry associations, data spaces

Research, Development and Innovation: including R&D Industry Departments, Research Institutions and Universities, Research Associations, Digital Innovation Hubs. From aerOS project Eneko Rada (Innovalia), Maria Rossetti (MADE Competence Center) and Ignacio Lacalle (Universitat Politècnica de València) represented our project.

Pilot 5 Video

The aerOS Pilot 5 “Infrastructure & IoT application for Smart, Energy Efficient & Health Safety Buildings” video by COSMOTE is now available! You may find it online at Aeros Project YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB8GPRL_bRQ&t=2s

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