Open Date: Oct 2023

Close Date: Jan 2024

Type of actions funded

Small projects that validate aerOS architecture and focus in one of aerOS use cases

Average Value

EUR 60k Fixed value

Eligible organisations

SMEs, RTOs and Academia, Individuals, NO large companies allowed

Average duration

Max. duration: 9 months

Number of grants awarded

7 proposals will be funded

Open Call Coordinator

Ignacio Lacalle (UPV) –

aerOS Main Outputs

  • Virtualised and platform-agnostic Meta Operating System
  • Methodology, standardisation, and protocols usable across the continuum for legacy and novel technologies
  • Data autonomy strategy for the CEI continuum
  • Infrastructural services and features for cybersecurity, trustworthiness and manageability
  • Open APIs

Open Call 1 – Main Goals

  • To validate and improve technical components of the aerOS meta operating system;
  • to bring external actors (developers, domain experts, entrepreneurs, etc.) to create new solutions leveraging aerOS;
  • promote the visibility of aerOS architecture and outcomes on the market
  • gathering new inputs from IoT, edge, network and industrial experts
  • extend application base of aerOS to other verticals outside the ones included in the proposal (domain-agnostic)

Open Call 1 – Focus

aerOS aims to establish a common meta Operating System that follows a collaborative IoT-Edge–Cloud architecture supporting flexible deployments (e.g., federated or hierarchical), enabling the distribution of intelligence and computation – including AI, ML, and Big Data analytics – to achieve an optimal solution while satisfying the given constraints.

aerOS Open Call focuses on 2 main key points:

  • extension of functionalities delivered by aerOS,
  • expansion of application of aerOS in the five use case verticals considered in the project.

Link to Open Call files, template and guidelines

Coming in Oct 2023