EUCloudEdgeIoT’s – “Market and Sectors” Workshop

aerOS project participated at the EUCloudEdgeIoT’s – Task Force 5 “Market and Sectors” Workshop. It was an online workshop where all related partners presented fundamental insights about their projects. Also, at this workshop Anastasios Gogos presented the basic elements of our Athens use case

EUCloudEgdeIoT official launch

The official launch of the EUCloudEgdeIoT took place on 8th of February, and aerOS project was present! In this introductory meeting participants had the chance to meet the coordination team and the new Task Forces!

loud and edge computing are essential technologies in a computing continuum to ensure data is managed more efficiently – closer to the originating source rather than transmitting raw data to data centres. As recent studies suggest, data processing is moving closer to the edge.

Thus, advancing the IoT can reduce communication and storage costs, energy consumption and produce benefits for citizens and businesses thanks to the integration of AI and Machine Learning.

These trends call for a shift towards the technical and business convergence of the so-far formally separated Cloud, Edge and IoT domains.

In this context, the European Cloud Edge IoT Continuum aims to realise a pathway for the understanding and development of the CEI Continuum by promoting cooperation between a wide range of research projects, developers and suppliers, business users and potential adopters of this new technological paradigm.

More precisely, the European Cloud, Edge & IoT Continuum will be supported by the effort of two Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs), namely Open Continuum and UNLOCKCEI, which will cooperate to reach the stated common goal, focussing respectively on the supply and demand sides of the CEI Continuum. These will also benefit from the synergies and legacy of other existing EU projects in the domains of Cloud, Edge, IoT, AI, and connectivity.