6Gsec Common Path and Cardinal Points “6Gsec CP²”

The 6Gsec Common Path and Cardinal Points “6Gsec CP²” event was organised by the SNS OPS project, ECSO and Networld Europe. It took place on the 23 of January 2024 in Paris, France, hosted by PTTC (Transfer Programme at the Cyber Campus). “6Gsec CP²” brought together the Cyber and 6G communities to discuss:

  • European policies, threat landscapes and known challenges
  • Current Research and innovation agendas
  • Technical focus and collaboration perspectives

This event was a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from both the Cyber and 6G communities to come together and share their insights on how to ensure the security of 6G networks and services. The event featured several keynote speakers, as well as panel discussions and technical sessions addressing the topics below:

  • The future of cybersecurity in the 6G era
  • Opportunities to build mutual understanding,
  • Research roadmap convergence and collaborations between the Cyber and 6G communities

Christos Xenakis from InQBit represented aerOS project at the ”Crypto-based technologies application in 6G” session.

You may learn more about the event here: https://smart-networks.europa.eu/event/6gsec-common-path-and-cardinal-points-6gsec-cp%C2%B2-save-the-date/