Cloud-Edge-IOT Skills Demands for Adoption workshop

During the Cloud-Edge-IOT Skills Demands for Adoption workshop, the key positions for the aerOS Port Continuum use case were identified, with the main purpose of recognizing the skills that are required to be developed in order to successfully complete the main project tasks. The skillset was focused on AI, IoT, Cloud, BI/Data Science and Cybersecurity and the result was a collection of new skills that should be acquired by the project team. Interestingly, this exercise even helped the project partners in identifying previously unknown knowledge gaps, which can be used to further prepare the Port Operator and other partners for the upcoming IoT and AI revolution.

Finally, during the last part of the workshop, key working positions were identified for the future industry adopters of the aerOS outcomes, which can further help guide the workforce and industry in developing the necessary Human Capital.

At this workshop the following presentations by aerOS project took place:

Session 1: Data driven cognitive production line Presenter: Pablo Patús Díaz, aerOS Project . Facilitator: Golboo Pourabdollahian

Session 3: Smart-edge services for the port continuum Presenter: Eduardo Garro Crevillen, aerOS project . Facilitator: J E Álvarez, Expert: Rudolf Susnik